Volume 12 (2001)

Title page
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i-vi Table of contents and abstracts
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1-65 Gérard Meurant
Numerical experiments with algebraic multilevel preconditioners
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66-87 Hong Zhang
Numerical condition of polynomials in different forms
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88-112 M. Jesús Castel, Violeta Migallón, and José Penadés
On parallel two-stage methods for Hermitian positive definite matrices with applications to preconditioning
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113-133 Richard S. Varga
Geršgorin-type eigenvalue inclusion theorems and their sharpness
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134-148 Faker Ben Belgacem and Susanne C. Brenner
Some nonstandard finite element estimates with applications to 3D Poisson and Signorini problems
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149-192 S. Ehrich and A. Rathsfeld
Piecewise linear wavelet collocation, approximation of the boundary manifold, and quadrature
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193-204 Jing-Bo Chen and Meng-Zhao Qin
Multi-symplectic Fourier pseudospectral method for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation
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205-215 Bernd Fischer and Franz Peherstorfer
Chebyshev approximation via polynomial mappings and the convergence behaviour of Krylov subspace methods
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216-233 A. A. Dubrulle
Retooling the method of block conjugate gradients
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234-251 Edward J. McDonald and Desmond J. Higham
Error analysis of QR algorithms for computing Lyapunov exponents
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