Volume 13 (2002)

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1-11 Dirk Wollstein, Torsten Linss, and Hans-Görg Roos
A uniformly accurate finite volume discretization for a convection-diffusion problem
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12-21 S. B. Damelin
The asymptotic distribution of general interpolation arrays for exponential weights
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22-37 James G. Nagy and Dianne P. O'Leary
Image restoration through subimages and confidence images
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38-55 Pierre Spiteri, Jean-Claude Miellou, and Didier El Baz
Perturbation of parallel asynchronous linear iterations by floating point errors
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56-80 Zdeněk Strakoš and Petr Tichý
On error estimation in the conjugate gradient method and why it works in finite precision computations
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81-105 Thomas Huckle and Jochen Staudacher
Multigrid preconditioning and Toeplitz matrices
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106-118 Volker Mehrmann and David Watkins
Polynomial eigenvalue problems with Hamiltonian structure
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119-147 Walter Gautschi
The interplay between classical analysis and (numerical) linear algebra - a tribute to Gene H. Golub
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