Volume 14 (2002)

Special Volume on Orthogonal Polynomials, Approximation Theory, and Harmonic Analysis

(See the preface for more details.)

Title page
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i-vii Table of contents and abstracts
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viii-ix Preface
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1-19 Bernhard Beckermann and Arno B. J. Kuijlaars
Superlinear CG convergence for special right-hand sides
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20-35 D. Calvetti, P. C. Hansen, and L. Reichel
L-curve curvature bounds via Lanczos bidiagonalization
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36-44 Franz-Jürgen Delvos
Uniform approximation by minimum norm interpolation
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45-55 Brigitte Forster
An algorithm for nonharmonic signal analysis using Dirichlet series on convex polygons
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56-78 W. Freeden and T. Maier
On multiscale denoising of spherical functions: basic theory and numerical aspects
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79-126 P. Junghanns and A. Rathsfeld
A polynomial collocation method for Cauchy singular integral equations over the interval
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127-141 F. Marcellán and H. O. Yakhlef
Recent trends on analytic properties of matrix orthonormal polynomials
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142-151 G. Mastroianni
Polynomial inequalities, functional spaces and best approximation on the real semiaxis with Laguerre weights
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152-164 Gerhard Schmeisser
Bounds for Vandermonde type determinants of orthogonal polynomials
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165-177 Kathi K. Selig
Uncertainty principles revisited
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178-194 Frauke Sprengel
Comparing multilevel coarsening strategies
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195-222 Herbert Stahl
Asymptotics for quadratic Hermite-Padé polynomials associated with the exponential function
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223-235 Krzysztof Stempak
On convergence and divergence of Fourier-Bessel series
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