Volume 15 (2003)

The Tenth Copper Mountain Conference on Multigrid Methods

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x Preface
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1-17 U. M. Ascher and E. Haber
A multigrid method for distributed parameter estimation problems
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18-28 Craig C. Douglas, Gundolf Haase, and Mohamed Iskandarani
An additive Schwarz preconditioner for the spectral element ocean model formulation of the shallow water equations
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29-37 Scott R. Fulton
On the accuracy of multigrid truncation error estimates
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38-55 Andrew V. Knyazev and Klaus Neymeyr
Efficient solution of symmetric eigenvalue problems using multigrid preconditioners in the locally optimal block conjugate gradient method
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56-65 Jan Mandel
Local approximation estimators for algebraic multigrid
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66-77 Malik Silva
Cache aware data laying for the Gauss-Seidel smoother
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78-93 Linda Stals
Comparison of non-linear solvers for the solution of radiation transport equations
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94-105 Janne Martikainen, Tuomo Rossi, and Jari Toivanen
Multilevel preconditioners for Lagrange multipliers in domain imbedding
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106-121 Gene Poole, Yong-Cheng Liu, and Jan Mandel
Advancing analysis capabilities in ANSYS through solver technology
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122-131 Michael Bader and Christoph Zenger
A robust and parallel multigrid method for convection diffusion equations
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132-151 B. Chang and B. Lee
A multigrid algorithm for solving the multi-group, anisotropic scattering Boltzmann equation using first-order system least-squares methodology
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152-164 Sandra Nägele and Gabriel Wittum
Large-eddy simulation and multigrid methods
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165-185 C. W. Oosterlee
On multigrid for linear complementarity problems with application to American-style options
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186-210 Pavel B. Bochev, Jonathan J. Hu, Allen C. Robinson, and Raymond S. Tuminaro
Towards robust 3D Z-pinch simulations: discretization and fast solvers for magnetic diffusion in heterogeneous conductors
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211-224 Paul A. Farrell and Hong Ong
Factors involved in the performance of computations on Beowulf clusters
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