Volume 16 (2003)

Title page
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i-vii Table of contents and abstracts
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1-29 Stefano Serra Capizzano and Cristina Tablino Possio
Preconditioning strategies for 2D finite difference matrix sequences
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30-49 Doron Chen and Sivan Toledo
Vaidya's preconditioners: implementation and experimental study
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50-69 Henri Schurz
General theorems for numerical approximation of stochastic processes on the Hilbert space H2([0,T ],μ,Rd)
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70-93 Martin Böhme and Daniel Potts
A fast algorithm for filtering and wavelet decomposition on the sphere
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94-106 Heinrich Voss
A rational spectral problem in fluid-solid vibration
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107-128 Limin Wu
A parameter choice method for Tikhonov regularization
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129-142 A. El Guennouni, K. Jbilou, and H. Sadok
A block version of BiCGSTAB for linear systems with multiple right-hand sides
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143-164 J. Illán
A quadrature formula of rational type for integrands with one endpoint singularity
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165-185 Susanne C. Brenner
Analysis of two-dimensional FETI-DP preconditioners by the standard additive Schwarz framework
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186-193 Francisco Luengo and Marcos Raydan
Gradient method with dynamical retards for large-scale optimization problems
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