Volume 17 (2004)

Title page
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i-viii Table of contents and abstracts
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1-10 Panayiotis J. Psarrakos
On the estimation of the q-numerical range of monic matrix polynomials
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11-75 P. Junghanns and A. Rogozhin
Collocation methods for Cauchy singular integral equations on the interval
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76-92 M. Gu and L. Miranian
Strong rank revealing Cholesky factorization
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93-101 María G. Armentano and Ricardo G. Durán
Asymptotic lower bounds for eigenvalues by nonconforming finite element methods
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102-111 Götz Alefeld, Andreas Frommer, Gerhard Heindl, and Jan Mayer
On the existence theorems of Kantorovich, Miranda and Borsuk
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112-132 Jie Zhao
Convergence of V-cycle and F-cycle multigrid methods for the biharmonic problem using the Morley element
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133-150 Kendall Atkinson
Quadrature of singular integrands over surfaces
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151-167 C. He, B. Meini, N. H. Rhee, and K. Sohraby
A quadratically convergent Bernoulli-like algorithm for solving matrix polynomial equations in Markov chains
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168-180 Markus Hegland, Ole M. Nielsen, and Zuowei Shen
Multidimensional smoothing using hyperbolic interpolatory wavelets
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181-194 Martin J. Gander
A frequency decomposition waveform relaxation algorithm for semilinear evolution equations
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195-205 Dario A. Bini, Luca Gemignani, and Victor Y. Pan
Improved initialization of the accelerated and robust QR-like polynomial root-finding
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206-217 Kendall Atkinson and Weimin Han
On the numerical solution of some semilinear elliptic problems
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218-233 Gabriel N. Gatica
A note on the efficiency of residual-based a-posteriori error estimators for some mixed finite element methods
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