Volume 18 (2004)

Special Volume on the Occasion of ETNA's 10th Anniversary

Title page
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i-vii Table of contents and abstracts
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viii Preface
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1-41 Albrecht Böttcher
Transient behavior of powers and exponentials of large Toeplitz matrices
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42-48 Susanne C. Brenner
Discrete Sobolev and Poincaré inequalities for piecewise polynomial functions
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49-64 Daniele Bertaccini
Efficient preconditioning for sequences of parametric complex symmetric linear systems
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65-72 Boris Shekhtman
On Hermite interpolation in Rd
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73-80 Ljiljana Cvetkovic, Vladimir Kostic, and Richard S. Varga
A new Geršhgorin-type eigenvalue inclusion set
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81-90 Anne Greenbaum
Some theoretical results derived from polynomial numerical hulls of Jordan blocks
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91-100 Uwe Luther and Karla Rost
Matrix exponentials and inversion of confluent Vandermonde matrices
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101-136 M. Isabel Bueno and Froilán M. Dopico
Stability and sensivity of Darboux tranformation without parameter
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137-152 Dario A. Bini, Francesco Daddi, and Luca Gemignani
On the shifted QR iteration applied to companion matrices
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153-173 Daniela Calvetti, Bryan Lewis, Lothar Reichel, and Fiorella Sgallari
Tikhonov regularization with nonnegativity constraint
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174-187 Mihai Anitescu, Faranak Pahlevani, and William J. Layton
Implicit for local effects and explicit for nonlocal effects is unconditionally stable
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188-197 Ana Marco and José-Javier Martínez
A new source of structured singular value decomposition problems
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198-208 J. M. Peña
LDU decompositions with L and U well conditioned
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