Volume 19 (2005)

Special Volume on Orthogonal Polynomials and Approximation Theory

(See the preface for more details.)

Title page
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i-v Table of contents and abstracts
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vi Preface
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1-17 A. B. J. Kuijlaars, A. Martínez-Finkelshtein, and R. Orive
Orthogonality of Jacobi polynomials with general parameters
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18-28 A. Martínez-Finkelshtein, P. Martínez-González, and R. Orive
Asymptotics of polynomial solutions of a class of generalized Lamé differential equations
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29-36 M. Bello Hernández and J. Mínguez Ceniceros
Asymptotics for extremal polynomials with varying measures
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37-47 A. Garrido, J. Arvesú, and F. Marcellán
An electrostatic interpretation of the zeros of the Freud-type orthogonal polynomials
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48-57 Leyla Daruis, Olav Njåstad, and Walter Van Assche
Szegő quadrature and frequency analysis
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58-83 Chelo Ferreira, José L. López, Esmeralda Mainar, and Nico M. Temme
Asymptotic approximations of integrals: an introduction, with recent developments and applications to orthogonal polynomials
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84-93 Noemí Laín Fernández
Localized polynomial bases on the sphere
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94-104 Sergey Tikhonov
Characteristics of Besov-Nikol'skiĭ class of functions
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105-112 Venancio Tomeo and Emilio Torrano
Three cases of normality of Hessenberg's matrix related with atomic complex distributions
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113-134 Ruymán Cruz-Barroso and Pablo González-Vera
Orthogonal Laurent polynomials and quadratures on the unit circle and the real half-line
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