Volume 2 (1994)

This volume is dedicated to Wilhelm Niethammer on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

Title page
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i-vi Table of contents and abstracts
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vii Preface
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1-21 D. Calvetti, L. Reichel, and D. C. Sorensen
An implicitly restarted Lanczos method for large symmetric eigenvalue problems
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22-43 Barry Lee and Manfred R. Trummer
Multigrid conformal mapping via the Szegö Kernel
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44-56 Raymond H. Chan, James G. Nagy, and Robert J. Plemmons
Displacement preconditioner for Toeplitz least squares iterations
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57-75 Rüdiger Weiss
Minimization properties and short recurrences for Krylov subspace methods
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76-91 Ke Chen
Efficient iterative solution of linear systems from discretizing singular integral equations
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92-103 T. M. Shih and Junbin Gao
Modified Specht's plate bending element and its convergence analysis
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104-129 Martin H. Gutknecht and Marlis Hochbruck
Look-ahead Levinson- and Schur-type recurrences in the Padé table
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130-137 C. Brezinski
The generalizations of Newton's interpolation formula due to Mühlbach and Andoyer
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138-153 J. J. Hench
On the periodic quotient singular value decomposition
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154-170 Michael K. Ng
Fast iterative methods for solving Toeplitz-plus-Hankel least squares problems
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171-182 Tony F. Chan and Barry F. Smith
Domain decomposition and multigrid algorithms for elliptic problems on unstructured meshes
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183-193 Rafael Bru, L. Elsner, and M. Neumann
Convergence of infinite products of matrices and inner-outer iteration schemes
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194-204 Peter Görtz and Rudolf Scherer
Reducibility and characterization of symplectic Runge-Kutta methods
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