Volume 20 (2005)

Title page
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i-vii Table of contents and abstracts
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1-26 Drahoslava Janovská and Gerhard Opfer
Fast Givens transformation for quaternion valued matrices applied to Hessenberg reductions
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27-49 Henri Schurz
Stability of numerical methods for ordinary stochastic differential equations along Lyapunov-type and other functions with variable step sizes
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50-63 Daniel Kressner
On the use of larger bulges in the QR algorithm
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64-74 M. A. Navascues
Fractal trigonometric approximation
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75-85 Na Li and Yousef Saad
Crout versions of ILU factorization with pivoting for sparse symmetric matrices
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86-103 Igor Boglaev
Uniform convergence of monotone iterative methods for semilinear singularly perturbed problems of elliptic and parabolic types
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104-118 Kendall Atkinson and Alvise Sommariva
Quadrature over the sphere
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119-138 K. Jbilou, H. Sadok, and A. Tinzefte
Oblique projection methods for linear systems with multiple right-hand sides
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139-153 Johnathan M. Bardsley
A nonnegatively constrained trust region algorithm for the restoration of images with an unknown blur
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154-163 Shipeng Mao and Shaochun Chen
Convergence analysis of the rotated Q1 element on anisotropic rectangular meshes
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164-179 Xuemin Tu
A BDDC algorithm for a mixed formulation of flow in porous media
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180-197 Jörg Liesen and Petr Tichý
On the worst-case convergence of MR and CG for symmetric positive definite tridiagonal Toeplitz matrices
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198-211 P. G. Novario
Recursive computation of certain integrals of elliptic type
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212-234 James V. Lambers
Krylov subspace spectral methods for variable-coefficient initial-boundary value problems
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235-252 Michiel E. Hochstenbach
Generalizations of harmonic and refined Rayleigh-Ritz
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253-275 Glenn Appleby and Dennis C. Smolarski
A linear acceleration row action method for projecting onto subspaces
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