Volume 21 (2005)

Special Volume on Combinatorial Scientific Computing

Dedicated to Alan George on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday

(See the preface for more details.)

Title page
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i-v Table of contents and abstracts
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vi Preface
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vii-xviii Alex Pothen
Dedication to Alan George
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1-19 Stanley C. Eisenstat and Joseph W. H. Liu
A tree-based dataflow model for the unsymmetric multifrontal method
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20-27 Dianne P. O'Leary and Stephen S. Bullock
QR factorizations using a restricted set of rotations
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28-46 Doron Chen, John R. Gilbert, and Sivan Toledo
Obtaining bounds on the two norm of a matrix from the splitting lemma
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47-65 Rob H. Bisseling and Wouter Meesen
Communication balancing in parallel sparse matrix-vector multiplication
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66-80 Ioana Banicescu and Ricolindo L. Cariño
Addressing the stochastic nature of scientific computations via dynamic loop scheduling
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81-106 Elad Rozin and Sivan Toledo
Locality of reference in sparse Cholesky factorization methods
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107-124 Ali Pinar and Virginia Vassilevska
Finding nonoverlapping substructures of a sparse matrix
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125-133 Ulrich Elsner
The influence of random number generators on graph partitioning algorithms
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134-150 Uwe Naumann and Jean Utke
Optimality-preserving elimination of linearities in Jacobian accumulation
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