Volume 23 (2006)

Title page
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i-viii Table of contents and abstracts
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1-4 David S. Watkins
A case where balancing is harmful
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5-14 Alexander Malyshev and Miloud Sadkane
Condition numbers of the Krylov bases and spaces associated with the truncated QZ iteration
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15-37 Antonija Duvnjak and Hermann J. Eberl
Time-discretization of a degenerate reaction-diffusion equation arising in biofilm modeling
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38-62 Serge Nicaise and Emmanuel Creusé
Isotropic and anisotropic a posteriori error estimation of the mixed finite element method for second order operators in divergence form
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63-75 Toshihiro Yamamoto
Toward the Sinc-Galerkin method for the Poisson problem in one type of curvilinear coordinate domain
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76-87 L. Bergamaschi, R. Bru, A. Martínez, and M. Putti
Quasi-Newton preconditioners for the inexact Newton method
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88-104 Michael H. Hohn
Solution of singular elliptic PDEs on a union of rectangles using sinc methods
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105-128 Wayne Joubert and Jane Cullum
Scalable algebraic multigrid on 3500 processors
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129-140 Mohamed El-Gamel
The Sinc-Galerkin method for solving singularly-perturbed reaction-diffusion problem
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141-157 David S. Watkins
On the reduction of a Hamiltonian matrix to Hamiltonian Schur form
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158-179 Olaf Schenk and Klaus Gärtner
On fast factorization pivoting methods for sparse symmetric indefinite systems
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180-201 M. K. Kadalbajoo and K. K. Sharma
Parameter-uniform fitted mesh method for singularly perturbed delay differential equations with layer behavior
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202-218 Kenshu Shimomukai and Hidesada Kanda
Numerical study of normal pressure distribution in entrance flow between parallel plates, I. Finite difference calculations
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219-250 Kendall Atkinson and David Chien
A study of the fast solution of the occluded radiosity equation
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251-262 Ahmad Reza Naghsh-Nilchi and Shahram Daroee
Iterative sinc-convolution method for solving radiosity equation in computer graphics
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263-287 Oren E. Livne and Grady B. Wright
Fast multilevel evaluation of smooth radial basis function expansions
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288-303 Iliya A. Brayanov
Uniformly convergent difference scheme for singularly perturbed problem of mixed type
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304-319 Mario Götz
On extremal problems related to inverse balayage
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320-328 Toshihiro Yamamoto
Approximation of the Hilbert transform via use of sinc convolution
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329-338 Yoshinori Miyazaki, Nobuyoshi Asai, Dongsheng Cai, and Yasuhiko Ikebe
Numerical computation of the eigenvalues for the spheroidal wave equation with accurate error estimation by matrix method
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