Volume 26 (2007)

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1-33 Ralph Byers, Volker Mehrmann, and Hongguo Xu
A structured staircase algorithm for skew-symmetric/symmetric pencils
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34-54 Leszek Marcinkowski
An additive Schwarz method for mortar Morley finite element discretizations of 4th order elliptic problem in 2D
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55-81 S. Asvadurov, V. Druskin, and S. Moskow
Optimal grids for anisotropic problems
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82-102 Drahoslava Janovská and Gerhard Opfer
Computing quaternionic roots by Newton's method
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103-120 Hyea Hyun Kim
A FETI-DP preconditioner for mortar methods in three dimensions
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121-145 H. Faßbender
The parametrized SR algorithm for Hamiltonian matrices
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146-160 Xuemin Tu
A BDDC algorithm for flow in porous media with a hybrid finite element discretization
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161-177 Peter Stange, Andreas Griewank, and Matthias Bollhöfer
On the efficient update of rectangular LU-factorizations subject to low rank modifications
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178-189 Albrecht Böttcher and Daniel Potts
Probability against condition number and sampling of multivariate trigonometric random polynomials
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190-208 Laurent O. Jay and Dan Negrut
Extensions of the HHT-α method to differential-algebraic equations in mechanics
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209-227 Michele Benzi and Bora Uçar
Block triangular preconditioners for M-matrices and Markov chains
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228-242 Sang Dong Kim
Piecewise bilinear preconditioning of high-order finite element method
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243-269 Raf Vandebril, Nicola Mastronardi, and Marc Van Barel
Solving linear systems with a Levinson-like solver
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270-284 Ramiro Acevedo and Rodolfo Rodríguez
Analysis of the A, V - A - ψ potential formulation for the eddy current problem in a bounded domain
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285-298 Sabine Le Borne and Suely Oliveira
Joint domain-decomposition H-LU preconditioners for saddle point problems
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299-311 Tony F. Chan, Ke Chen, and Jamylle L. Carter
Iterative methods for solving the dual formulation arising from image restoration
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312-319 Germain E. Randriambelosoa
Polynomial best constrained degree reduction in strain energy
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320-329 Natacha Fontes, Janice Kover, Laura Smithies, and Richard S. Varga
Singular value decomposition normally estimated Geršgorin sets
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330-349 J. M. Tang and C. Vuik
Efficient deflation methods applied to 3-D bubbly flow problems
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350-384 Juan Galvis and Marcus Sarkis
Non-matching mortar discretization analysis for the coupling Stokes-Darcy equations
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385-420 Peter Kunkel and Volker Mehrmann
Stability properties of differential-algebraic equations and spin-stabilized discretizations
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421-438 Gabriel N. Gatica
An augmented mixed finite element method for linear elasticity with non-homogeneous Dirichlet conditions
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439-452 Joris Van Deun
Electrostatics and ghost poles in near best fixed pole rational interpolation
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453-473 Petr Tichý, Jörg Liesen, and Vance Faber
On worst-case GMRES, ideal GMRES, and the polynomial numerical hull of a Jordan block
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474-483 Neville J. Ford and Patricia M. Lumb
Theory and numerics for multi-term periodic delay differential equations: small solutions and their detection
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