Volume 3 (1995)

Title page
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i-iv Table of contents and abstracts
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1-23 M. Van Barel and A. Bultheel
Orthonormal polynomial vectors and least squares approximation for a discrete inner product
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24-38 Rafael Bru, Violeta Migallón, José Penadés, and Daniel B. Szyld
Parallel, synchronous and asynchronous two-stage multisplitting methods
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39-49 G. W. Stewart
On graded QR decompositions of products of matrices
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50-65 Thomas A. Manteuffel, Gerhard Starke, and Richard S. Varga
Adaptive k-step iterative methods for nonsymmetric systems of linear equations
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66-82 Alan Krautstengl and Richard S. Varga
Minimal Gerschgorin sets for partitioned matrices II. The spectral conjecture
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83-95 Richard S. Varga and Alan Krautstengl
Minimal Gerschgorin sets for partitioned matrices III. Sharpness of boundaries and monotonicity as a function of the partition
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96-115 Ann Sinap
Gaussian quadrature for matrix valued functions on the unit circle
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116-149 James W. Demmel, Inderjit Dhillon, and Huan Ren
On the correctness of some bisection-like parallel eigenvalue algorithms in floating point arithmetic
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150-159 Zhiqiang Cai, Thomas A. Manteuffel, and Stephen F. McCormick
First-order system least squares for velocity-vorticity-pressure form of the Stokes equations, with application to linear elasticity
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160-176 Jocelyne Erhel
A parallel GMRES version for general sparse matrices
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