Volume 30 (2008)

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1-9 Hualei Liu and Baojiang Zhong
Simpler Block GMRES for nonsymmetric systems with multiple right-hand sides
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10-25 K. Shimomukai and H. Kanda
Numerical study of normal pressure distribution in entrance pipe flow
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26-53 Jens Keiner
Gegenbauer polynomials and semiseparable matrices
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54-74 Ronny Ramlau
Regularization properties of Tikhonov regularization with sparsity constraints
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75-87 M. Hadizadeh Yazdi and Gh. Kazemi Gelian
Error estimate in the sinc collocation method for Volterra-Fredholm integral equations based on DE transformation
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88-106 Christer Glader
Minimal degree rational unimodular interpolation on the unit circle
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107-127 Susanne C. Brenner, Luke Owens, and Li-Yeng Sung
A weakly over-penalized symmetric interior penalty method
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128-143 Richard S. Varga, Amos J. Carpenter, and Bryan W. Lewis
The dynamical motion of the zeros of the partial sums of ez, and its relationship to discrepancy theory
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144-167 Raf Vandebril, Marc Van Barel, and Nicola Mastronardi
A parallel QR-factorization/solver of quasiseparable matrices
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168-186 Hidesada Kanda
Calculation of minimum critical Reynolds number for laminar-turbulent transition in pipe flows
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187-202 Tatjana Stykel
Low-rank iterative methods for projected generalized Lyapunov equations
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203-223 Marco Schnurr
The automatic computation of second-order slope tuples for some nonsmooth functions
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224-236 José L. López and Pedro J. Pagola
A simplification of the Laplace method for double integrals. Application to the second Appell function
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237-246 Nabongo Diabate and Théodore K. Boni
Asymptotic behavior for numerical solutions of a semilinear parabolic equation with a nonlinear boundary condition
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247-257 Firmin K. N'Gohisse and Théodore K. Boni
Numerical blow-up solutions for some semilinear heat equations
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258-277 Vadim Lisitsa
Optimal discretization of PML for elasticity problems
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278-290 Elías Berriochoa, Alicia Cachafeiro, José M. García-Amor, and Francisco Marcellán
New quadrature rules for Bernstein measures on the interval [-1,1]
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291-304 Roland Becker, Shipeng Mao, and Zhong-Ci Shi
A convergent adaptive finite element method with optimal complexity
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305-322 G. Capobianco, D. Conte, I. Del Prete, and E. Russo
Stability analysis of fast numerical methods for Volterra integral equations
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323-345 Christian Mense and Reinhard Nabben
On algebraic multilevel methods for non-symmetric systems - convergence results
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346-358 Mohan K. Kadalbajoo and Devendra Kumar
Parameter-uniform fitted operator B-spline collocation method for self-adjoint singularly perturbed two-point boundary value problems
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359-376 M. Munteanu and L. F. Pavarino
An overlapping additive Schwarz-Richardson method for monotone nonlinear parabolic problems
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377-397 L. P. Bos and N. Levenberg
On the calculation of approximate Fekete points: the univariate case
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398-405 Richard S. Varga, Ljiljana Cvetković, and Vladimir Kostić
Approximation of the minimal Geršgorin set of a square complex matrix
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406-419 V. Pereyra and B. Kaelin
Fast wave propagation by model order reduction
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