Volume 31 (2008)

Special Volume on Computational Methods with Applications

(See the preface for more details.)

Title page
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i-xi Table of contents and abstracts
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xii-xiii Preface
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1-11 Christopher C. Paige and Ivo Panayotov
Majorization bounds for Ritz values of Hermitian matrices
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12-24 Jörg Lampe and Heinrich Voss
A fast algorithm for solving regularized total least squares problems
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25-29 Zdeněk Dostál
On the decrease of a quadratic function along the projected-gradient path
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30-39 Manuel Gräf and Stefan Kunis
Stability results for scattered data interpolation on the rotation group
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40-48 Kumbakonam R. Rajagopal
On the modeling of entropy producing processes
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49-67 Christos Kravvaritis and Marilena Mitrouli
A technique for computing minors of binary Hadamard matrices and application to the growth problem
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68-85 Vicente Hernández, José E. Román, and Andrés Tomás
A robust and efficient parallel SVD solver based on restarted Lanczos bidiagonalization
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86-109 James V. Lambers
Enhancement of Krylov subspace spectral methods by block Lanczos iteration
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110-125 Josef Málek
Mathematical properties of flows of incompressible power-law-like fluids that are described by implicit constitutive relations
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126-140 T. Sogabe, T. Hoshi, S.-L. Zhang, and T. Fujiwara
On a weighted quasi-residual minimization strategy for solving complex symmetric shifted linear systems
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141-155 Joab R. Winkler and John D. Allan
Structured low rank approximations of the Sylvester resultant matrix for approximate GCDs of Bernstein basis polynomials
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156-177 Jin Hyuk Jung, Dianne P. O'Leary, and André L. Tits
Adaptive constraint reduction for training support vector machines
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178-203 Gene H. Golub, Martin Stoll, and Andy Wathen
Approximation of the scattering amplitude and linear systems
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204-220 Per Christian Hansen and Toke Koldborg Jensen
Noise propagation in regularizing iterations for image deblurring
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221-227 Jan Zítko
Some remarks on the restarted and augmented GMRES method
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228-255 Martin J. Gander
Schwarz methods over the course of time
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256-270 Ulrike Baur and Peter Benner
Cross-Gramian based model reduction for data-sparse systems
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271-294 Yujuan Bao, İlker N. Bozkurt, Tugrul Dayar, Xiaobai Sun, and Kishor S. Trivedi
Decompositional analysis of Kronecker structured Markov chains
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295-305 Hubert Schwetlick and Kathrin Schreiber
A counterexample for characterizing an invariant subspace of a matrix
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306-330 Heike Fassbender, D. Steven Mackey, Niloufer Mackey, and Christian Schröder
Structured polynomial eigenproblems related to time-delay systems
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331-357 John J. Hench and Zdeněk Strakoš
The RCWA method - A case study with open questions and perspectives of algebraic computations
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358-383 Beata Laszkiewicz and Krystyna Ziętak
Algorithms for the matrix sector function
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384-402 Bedřich Sousedík and Jan Mandel
On the equivalence of primal and dual substructuring preconditioners
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403-424 Yogi A. Erlangga and Reinhard Nabben
On a multilevel Krylov method for the Helmholtz equation preconditioned by shifted Laplacian
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