Volume 33 (2008-2009)

Special Volume on Matrix Analysis and Applications

Dedicated to Gérard Meurant

(See the preface for more details.)

Title page
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i-vi Table of contents and abstracts
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vii Preface
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1-16 Dario A. Bini, Gianna M. Del Corso, and Francesco Romani
Evaluating scientific products by means of citation-based models: a first analysis and validation
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17-30 M. Bellalij, Y. Saad, and H. Sadok
Analysis of some Krylov subspace methods for normal matrices via approximation theory and convex optimization
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31-44 M. Arioli and I. S. Duff
Using FGMRES to obtain backward stability in mixed precision
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45-52 Miloud Sadkane and Ahmed Salam
A note on symplectic block reflectors
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53-62 M. Heyouni and K. Jbilou
An extended block Arnoldi algorithm for large-scale solutions of the continuous-time algebraic Riccati equation
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63-83 Lothar Reichel and Qiang Ye
Simple square smoothing regularization operators
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84-104 Dario A. Bini, Beatrice Meini, and Federico Poloni
Fast solution of a certain Riccati equation through Cauchy-like matrices
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105-125 Fabio Di Benedetto, Claudio Estatico, James G. Nagy, and Matteo Pastorino
Numerical linear algebra for nonlinear microwave imaging
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126-150 Raf Vandebril, Marc Van Barel, and Nicola Mastronardi
A new iteration for computing the eigenvalues of semiseparable (plus diagonal) matrices
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151-162 Nicola Mastronardi, Marc Van Barel, and Raf Vandebril
On the computation of the null space of Toeplitz-like matrices
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163-188 Steven Delvaux, Katrijn Frederix, and Marc Van Barel
Transforming a hierarchical into a unitary-weight representation
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189-206 A. Salam and E. Al-Aidarous
Error analysis and computational aspects of SR factorization via optimal symplectic Householder transformations
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207-220 L. Elbouyahyaoui, A. Messaoudi, and H. Sadok
Algebraic properties of the block GMRES and block Arnoldi methods
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