Volume 34 (2008-2009)

Special Volume

Dedicated to Víctor Pereyra on the occasion of his seventieth birthday

(See the preface for more details.)

Title page
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i-vii Table of contents and abstracts
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viii-ix Preface
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1-13 Marianela Lentini and Marco Paluszny
Orthogonal grids on meander-like regions
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14-19 Carmen Arévalo
A note on numerically consistent initial values for high index differential-algebraic equations
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20-30 Ana Marco and José-Javier Martínez
Unique solvability in bivariate Hermite interpolation
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31-43 Yun-Qiu Shen and Tjalling J. Ypma
Numerical bifurcation of separable parameterized equations
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44-58 Dan Stanescu, Benito Chen-Charpentier, Brandi J. Jensen, and Patricia J. S. Colberg
Random coefficient differential models of growth of anaerobic photosynthetic bacteria
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59-75 Vianey Villamizar and Sebastian Acosta
Elliptic grids with nearly uniform cell area and line spacing
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76-89 P. Barrera-Sánchez, F. J. Domínguez-Mota, G. González-Flores, and J. G. Tinoco-Ruiz
Generating quality structured convex grids on irregular regions
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90-101 E. Mocskos and G. Marshall
Impact of gravity on thin-layer cell electrochemical deposition
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102-118 Ricard Garrido, Pedro González-Casanova, and Elvira Torondel
Hybrid compact-WENO scheme for solving relativistic flows
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119-124 Carlos R. Torres, Dany De Cecchis, Germán Larrazábal, and José Castillo
Numerical study of a descending sphere in a low Reynolds number strongly stratified fluid
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125-135 Andy Wathen and Tyrone Rees
Chebyshev semi-iteration in preconditioning for problems including the mass matrix
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136-151 Jean-Paul Chehab and Marcos Raydan
Implicitly preconditioned and globalized residual method for solving steady fluid flows
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152-162 E. D. Batista and J. E. Castillo
Mimetic schemes on non-uniform structured meshes
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163-169 Marco Paluszny, Miguel Martín-Landrove, Giovanni Figueroa, and Wuilian Torres
Boosting the inverse interpolation problem by a sum of decaying exponentials using an algebraic approach
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170-186 Wilfredo Angulo and Hilda López
On the discrete solution of the generalized Stokes problem in one time-step for two phase flow
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187-203 Hilda López, Brígida Molina, and José J. Salas
Comparison between different numerical discretizations for a Darcy-Forchheimer model
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