Volume 37 (2010)

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i-xi Table of contents and abstracts
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1-22 A. Sommariva and M. Vianello
Approximate Fekete points for weighted polynomial interpolation
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23-40 J. Cerdán, T. Faraj, N. Malla, J. Marín, and J. Mas
Block approximate inverse preconditioners for sparse nonsymmetric linear systems
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41-69 Hengguang Li, Anna Mazzucato, and Victor Nistor
Analysis of the finite element method for transmission/mixed boundary value problems on general polygonal domains
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70-86 Dáša Janovská and Vladimír Janovský
The analytic SVD: On the non-generic points on the path
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87-104 Ronny Ramlau and Elena Resmerita
Convergence rates for regularization with sparsity constraints
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105-112 Sofiya Ostrovska
On the approximation of analytic functions by the q-Bernstein polynomials in the case q > 1
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113-122 Margit Lénárd
On weighted lacunary interpolation
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123-146 Yvan Notay
An aggregation-based algebraic multigrid method
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147-165 Bernard N. Sheehan, Yousef Saad, and Roger B. Sidje
Computing exp(-τA) b with Laguerre polynomials
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166-172 Bishnu P. Lamichhane
A gradient recovery operator based on an oblique projection
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173-188 Sabine Le Borne and Che Ngufor
An implicit approximate inverse preconditioner for saddle point problems
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189-201 Yunkyong Hyon and Do Y. Kwak
New quadrilateral mixed finite elements
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202-213 Valeria Simoncini
On a non-stagnation condition for GMRES and application to saddle point matrices
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214-238 Susanne C. Brenner, Thirupathi Gudi, and Li-Yeng Sung
A weakly over-penalized symmetric interior penalty method for the biharmonic problem
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239-251 Feng-Nan Hwang, Hsin-Lun Lin, and Xiao-Chuan Cai
Two-level nonlinear elimination based preconditioners for inexact Newton methods with application in shocked duct flow calculation
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252-262 Bojan Orel
Accumulation of global error in Lie group methods for linear ordinary differential equations
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263-275 Joachim Georgii and Rüdiger Westermann
A streaming approach for sparse matrix products and its application in Galerkin multigrid methods
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276-295 J. Brannick, A. Frommer, K. Kahl, S. MacLachlan, and L. Zikatanov
Adaptive reduction-based multigrid for nearly singular and highly disordered physical systems
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296-306 Martin Nilsson Jacobi
A robust spectral method for finding lumpings and meta stable states of non-reversible Markov chains
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307-320 Chen Greif and Michael L. Overton
An analysis of low-rank modifications of preconditioners for saddle point systems
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321-336 Tommy Elfving, Touraj Nikazad, and Per Christian Hansen
Semi-convergence and relaxation parameters for a class of SIRT algorithms
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337-350 Jonathan J. Crofts, Ernesto Estrada, Desmond J. Higham, and Alan Taylor
Mapping directed networks
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351-366 Maximilian Emans
Benchmarking aggregation AMG for linear systems in CFD simulations of compressible internal flows
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367-385 David M. Alber and Luke N. Olson
Coarsening invariance and bucket-sorted independent sets for algebraic multigrid
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386-412 Kendall Atkinson and Olaf Hansen
A spectral method for the eigenvalue problem for elliptic equations
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413-436 Clemens Hofreither, Ulrich Langer, and Clemens Pechstein
Analysis of a non-standard finite element method based on boundary integral operators
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