Volume 4 (1996)

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1-13 Robert Fuster, Violeta Migallón, and José Penadés
Non-stationary parallel multisplitting AOR methods
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14-36 Michael K. Ng and Robert J. Plemmons
LMS-Newton adaptive filtering using FFT-based conjugate gradient iterations
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37-45 K. Veselić
A note on the accuracy of symmetric eigenreduction algorithms
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46-63 P. Levrie and A. Bultheel
Matrix continued fractions related to first-order linear recurrence systems
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64-74 Heike Faßbender
A note on Newbery's algorithm for discrete least-squares approximation by trigonometric polynomials
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75-88 Mario A. Casarin and Olof B. Widlund
A preconditioner for the mortar finite element method
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89-105 Volker Mehrmann and Hongguo Xu
An analysis of the pole placement problem. I. The single-input case
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106-124 I. E. Pritsker
Ray sequences of Laurent-type rational functions
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125-137 D. Calvetti and L. Reichel
On the solution of Cauchy systems of equations
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138-157 Peter Kunkel and Volker Mehrmann
Local and global invariants of linear differential-algebraic equations and their relation
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158-164 Y. D. Yang and J. B. Gao
Remarks on the Ciarlet-Raviart mixed finite element
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