Volume 5 (1997)

Title page
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i-iii Table of contents and abstracts
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1-6 Kai Diethelm
An algorithm for the numerical solution of differential equations of fractional order
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7-17 Thomas Craven and George Csordas
On a converse of Laguerre's Theorem
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18-28 Michael K. Ng
Circulant preconditioners for convolution-like integral equations with higher-order quadrature rules
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29-47 David E. Stewart
A new algorithm for the SVD of a long product of matrices and the stability of products
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48-61 Andreas Frommer, Hartmut Schwandt, and Daniel B. Szyld
Asynchronous weighted additive Schwarz methods
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62-76 Vincent Heuveline and Miloud Sadkane
Arnoldi-Faber method for large non Hermitian eigenvalue problems
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77-97 Volker Mehrmann and Hongguo Xu
An analysis of the pole placement problem II. The multi-input case
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