Volume 6 (1997)

Special Issue on Multilevel Methods

(See the preface for more details.)

Title page
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i-viii Table of contents and abstracts
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ix Preface
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1-34 Achi Brandt
The Gauss Center research in multiscale scientific computation
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35-43 Markus Berndt, Thomas A. Manteuffel, and Stephen F. McCormick
Local error estimates and adaptive refinement for first-order system least squares (FOSLS)
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44-62 P. Bochev
Experiences with negative norm least-square methods for the Navier-Stokes equations
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63-77 Hans-Joachim Bungartz
A multigrid algorithm for higher order finite elements on sparse grids
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78-96 Zhangxin Chen
The analysis of intergrid transfer operators and multigrid methods for nonconforming finite elements
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97-105 J. E. Dendy, Jr.
Semicoarsening multigrid for systems
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106-119 Boris Diskin
Multigrid algorithm with conditional coarsening for the non-aligned sonic flow
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120-132 Scott R. Fulton
A comparison of multilevel adaptive methods for hurricane track prediction
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133-152 R. Hiptmair
Multigrid method for H(div) in three dimensions
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153-161 Jules Kouatchou
Asymptotic stability of a 9-point multigrid algorithm for convection-diffusion equations
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162-181 A. Brandt and I. Livshits
Wave-ray multigrid method for standing wave equations
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182-197 Dimitri J. Mavriplis
Directional coarsening and smoothing for anisotropic Navier-Stokes problems
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198-210 W. J. Layton, A. J. Meir, and P. G. Schmidt
A two-level discretization method for the stationary MHD equations
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211-223 Anand L. Pardhanani, William F. Spotz, and Graham F. Carey
A stable multigrid strategy for convection-diffusion using high order compact discretization
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224-233 William F. Mitchell
A parallel multigrid method using the full domain partition
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234-245 Erik Sterner
A multigrid smoother for high Reynolds number flows
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246-254 C. A. Thole, S. Mayer, and A. Supalov
Fast solution of MSC/NASTRAN sparse matrix problems using a multilevel approach
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255-270 P. S. Vassilevski and J. G. Wade
A comparison of multilevel methods for total variation regularization
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271-290 T. Washio and C. W. Oosterlee
Krylov subspace acceleration for nonlinear multigrid schemes
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