Volume 7 (1998)

Special Volume on Large Scale Eigenvalue Problems

(See the preface for more details.)

Title page
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i-vi Table of contents and abstracts
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vii Preface
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1-17 Zhaojun Bai and Qiang Ye
Error estimation of the Padé approximation of transfer functions via the Lanczos process
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18-39 Christopher Beattie
Harmonic Ritz and Lehmann bounds
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40-55 Chao Yang
Convergence analysis of an inexact truncated RQ-iteration
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56-74 Jean-Luc Fattebert
A block Rayleigh quotient iteration with local quadratic convergence
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75-89 Gerard L. G. Sleijpen, Henk A. van der Vorst, and Ellen Meijerink
Efficient expansion of subspaces in the Jacobi-Davidson method for standard and generalized eigenproblems
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90-103 Karl Meerbergen
A theoretical comparison between inner products in the shift-invert Arnoldi method and the spectral transformation Lanczos method
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104-123 Andrew V. Knyazev
Preconditioned eigensolvers - an oxymoron?
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124-140 J. Baglama, D. Calvetti, and L. Reichel
Fast Leja points
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141-162 D. C. Sorensen
Truncated QZ  methods for large scale generalized eigenvalue problems
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163-181 Andreas Stathopoulos and Yousef Saad
Restarting techniques for the (Jacobi-)Davidson symmetric eigenvalue methods
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182-189 D. P. Oleary and G. W. Stewart
On the convergence of a new Rayleigh quotient method with applications to large eigenproblems
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190-201 V. Simoncini and E. Gallopoulos
Transfer functions and resolvent norm approximation of large matrices
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202-214 Kesheng Wu, Yousef Saad, and Andreas Stathopoulos
Inexact Newton preconditioning techniques for large symmetric eigenvalue problems
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