Volume 8 (1999)

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1-14 Luca F. Pavarino
Domain decomposition algorithms for first-order system least squares methods
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15-20 Richard S. Varga and Alan Krautstengl
On Geršgorin-type problems and ovals of Cassini
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21-25 A. A. Dubrulle
An optimum iteration for the matrix polar decomposition
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26-35 A. Björck and J. Y. Yuan
Preconditioners for least squares problems by LU factorization
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36-45 Manfred Dobrowolski, Steffen Gräf, and Christoph Pflaum
On a posteriori error estimators in the finite element method on anisotropic meshes
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46-87 Ingemar Persson, Klas Samuelsson, and Anders Szepessy
On the convergence of multigrid methods for flow problems
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88-114 Michele Benzi, Wayne Joubert, and Gabriel Mateescu
Numerical experiments with parallel orderings for ILU preconditioners
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115-126 Peter Benner, Volker Mehrmann, and Hongguo Xu
A note on the numerical solution of complex Hamiltonian and skew-Hamiltonian eigenvalue problems
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127-137 Heinrich Voss
Bounds for the minimum eigenvalue of a symmetric Toeplitz matrix
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138-153 Ke Chen
Discrete wavelet transforms accelerated sparse preconditioners for dense boundary element systems
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154-168 V. Gradinaru and R. Hiptmair
Whitney elements on pyramids
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