Volume 6, pp. 106-119, 1997.

Multigrid algorithm with conditional coarsening for the non-aligned sonic flow

Boris Diskin


A multigrid approach using conditional coarsening in constructing solvers for non-elliptic equations on a rectangular grid is presented. Such an approach permits the achievement of a full multigrid efficiency even in the case where the equation characteristics do not align with the grid. The 2D sonic-flow equation linearized over a constant velocity field has been chosen as the model problem. An efficient $FMG$ solver for the problem is demonstrated.

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Key words

multigrid methods, conditional coarsening, sonic flow, non-alignment.

AMS subject classifications

65N55, 76H05, 76M20.

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Vol. 6 (1997), pp. 1-34 Achi Brandt: The Gauss Center research in multiscale scientific computation

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