Volume 23, pp. 219-250, 2006.

A study of the fast solution of the occluded radiosity equation

Kendall Atkinson and David Chien


Consider the numerical solution of the radiosity equation over an occluded surface $S$ using a collocation method based on piecewise polynomial interpolation. Hackbusch and Nowak [Numer. Math., 54 (1989) pp. 463–491] proposed a fast method of solution for boundary integral equations, and we consider the application of their method to the collocation solution of the radiosity equation. We give a combined analytical and experimental study of the ‘clustering method’ of Hackbusch and Nowak, yielding further insight into the method.

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Key words

Radiosity equation, clustering method, collocation, fast solution method

AMS subject classifications

65R20, 65F99

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[6]Vol. 11 (2000), pp. 94-120 Kendall Atkinson, David Da-Kwun Chien and Jaehoon Seol: Numerical analysis of the radiosity equation using the collocation method

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