Volume 26, pp. 34-54, 2007.

An additive Schwarz method for mortar Morley finite element discretizations of 4th order elliptic problem in 2D

Leszek Marcinkowski


In this paper we introduce and analyze a parallel ASM preconditioner for the system of equations arising from the finite element discretizations of a fourth order elliptic problem with large jumps in coefficients on nonconforming meshes. Locally Morley nonconforming element is used. The condition number estimate proved here is almost optimal, i.e., it grows polylogarithmically as the sizes of the meshes decrease.

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Key words

Plate problem, mortar finite element method, Morley nonconforming plate element, domain decomposition, preconditioner, additive Schwarz method.

AMS subject classifications

65N55, 65N30, 65N22, 74S05.

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Vol. 38 (2011), pp. 1-16 Leszek Marcinkowski: A preconditioner for a FETI-DP method for mortar element discretization of a 4th order problem in 2D

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