Volume 33, pp. 45-52, 2008-2009.

A note on symplectic block reflectors

Miloud Sadkane and Ahmed Salam


A symplectic block reflector is introduced. The parallel with the Euclidean block reflector is studied. Some important features of symplectic block reflectors are given. Algorithms to compute a symplectic block reflector that introduces a desired block of zeros into a matrix are developed.

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Key words

Skew-symmetric scalar product, symplectic Householder transformation, block algorithm, symplectic QR-factorization

AMS subject classifications

65F30, 65F20, 15A57, 15A23

Links to the cited ETNA articles

[2]Vol. 11 (2000), pp. 85-93 Peter Benner, Ralph Byers, Heike Fassbender, Volker Mehrmann, and David Watkins: Cholesky-like factorizations of skew-symmetric matrices

ETNA articles which cite this article

Vol. 33 (2008-2009), pp. 189-206 A. Salam and E. Al-Aidarous: Error analysis and computational aspects of SR factorization via optimal symplectic Householder transformations

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