Volume 39, pp. 75-101, 2012.

The complete stagnation of GMRES for $n\le 4$

Gérard Meurant


We study the problem of complete stagnation of the generalized minimum residual method for real matrices of order $n\le 4$ when solving nonsymmetric linear systems $Ax=b$. We give necessary and sufficient conditions for the non-existence of a real right-hand side $b$ such that the iterates are $x^k=0,\, k=0,\dots,n-1,$ and $x^n=x$. We illustrate these conditions with numerical experiments. We also give a sufficient condition for the non-existence of complete stagnation for a matrix $A$ of any order $n$.

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Key words

GMRES, stagnation, linear systems

AMS subject classifications

15A06, 65F10

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