Volume 48, pp. 264-285, 2018.

Improved convergence bounds for two-level methods with an aggressive coarsening and massive polynomial smoothing

Radek Tezaur and Petr Vaněk


An improved convergence bound for the polynomially accelerated two-level method of Brousek et al. [Electron. Trans. Numer. Anal., 44 (2015), pp. 401–442, Section 5] is proven. This method is a reinterpretation of the smoothed aggregation method with an aggressive coarsening and massive polynomial smoothing of Vaněk, Brezina, and Tezaur [SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 21 (1999), pp. 900–923], and its convergence rate estimate is improved here quantitatively. Next, since the symmetrization of the method requires two solutions of the coarse problem, a modification of the method is proposed that does not have this disadvantage, and a qualitatively better convergence result for the modification is established. In particular, it is shown that a bound of the convergence rate of the method with a multiply ($k$-times) smoothed prolongator is asymptotically inversely proportional to $d^{2k}$, where $d$ is the degree of the smoothing polynomial. In earlier works, this acceleration effect is only quadratic. Finally, for another modified multiply smoothed method, it is proved that this convergence improvement is not limited only to an asymptotic regime but holds true everywhere.

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Key words

two-level method with aggressive coarsening, coarse-space size independent convergence, smoothed aggregation, polynomial smoothing

AMS subject classifications

65F10, 65N55

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[4]Vol. 44 (2015), pp. 401-442 Jan Brousek, Pavla Franková, Milan Hanuš, Hana Kopincová, Roman Kužel, Radek Tezaur, Petr Vaněk, and Zbyněk Vastl: An overview of multilevel methods with aggressive coarsening and massive polynomial smoothing

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