Volume 51, pp. 151-168, 2019.

Perturbation analysis for palindromic and anti-palindromic nonlinear eigenvalue problems

Sk. Safique Ahmad


A structured backward error analysis for an approximate eigenpair of structured nonlinear matrix equations with $T$-palindromic, $H$-palindromic, $T$-anti-palindromic, and $H$-anti-palindromic structures is conducted. We construct a minimal structured perturbation in the Frobenius norm such that an approximate eigenpair becomes an exact eigenpair of an appropriately perturbed nonlinear matrix equation. The present work shows that our general framework extends existing results in the literature on the perturbation theory of matrix polynomials.

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Key words

nonlinear eigenvalue problem, even and odd matrix polynomials, palindromic matrix polynomial

AMS subject classifications

65F15, 15A18, 65F35, 15A12

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[7]Vol. 38 (2011), pp. 275-302 Sk. Safique Ahmad and Volker Mehrmann: Perturbation analysis for complex symmetric, skew symmetric, even and odd matrix polynomials

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Vol. 52 (2020), pp. 370-390 Sk. Safique Ahmad and Prince Kanhya: Perturbation analysis on matrix pencils for two specified eigenpairs of a semisimple eigenvalue with multiplicity two

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