Volume 52, pp. 154-194, 2020.

Coercive space-time finite element methods for initial boundary value problems

Olaf Steinbach and Marco Zank


We propose and analyse new space-time Galerkin-Bubnov-type finite element formulations of parabolic and hyperbolic second-order partial differential equations in finite time intervals. Using Hilbert-type transformations, this approach is based on elliptic reformulations of first- and second-order time derivatives, for which the Galerkin finite element discretisation results in positive definite and symmetric matrices. For the variational formulation of the heat and wave equations, we prove related stability conditions in appropriate norms, and we discuss the stability of related finite element discretisations. Numerical results are given which confirm the theoretical results.

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Key words

space-time FEM, heat equation, wave equation

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