Volume 58, pp. 378-393, 2023.

A numerical method for solving systems of hypersingular integro-differential equations

Maria Carmela De Bonis, Abdelaziz Mennouni, and Donatella Occorsio


This paper is concerned with a collocation-quadrature method for solving systems of Prandtl's integro-differential equations based on de la Vallée Poussin filtered interpolation at Chebyshev nodes. We prove stability and convergence in Hölder-Zygmund spaces of locally continuous functions. Some numerical tests are presented to examine the method's efficacy.

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Key words

Chebyshev nodes, filtered approximation, Hölder-Zygmund spaces, system of Prandtl's integro-differential equations

AMS subject classifications

41A10, 65D05, 33C45, 45J05

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