Volume 58, pp. A1-A38, 2023.

Reuben Louis Rosenberg (1909–1986) and the Stein-Rosenberg theorem

Claude Brezinski and Michela Redivo-Zaglia


Rosenberg is well known by numerical analysts, in particular by those working on numerical linear algebra, for an important theorem on the convergence of the methods of Jacobi and Gauss–Seidel for solving systems of linear equations. This paper was published in 1948 with Philip Stein (1890–1974). Although the biography of Stein is well known, that of Rosenberg was almost completely unknown. This paper presents a complete biography of Reuben Louis Rosenberg (1909–1986) with an analysis of all his scientific contributions in numerical analysis and as well as in nuclear physics. Personal information are also included. The Stein–Rosenberg theorem is commented, replaced in its historical context, and a large review of its variants, generalizations, and applications is given.

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Key words

Reuben Louis Rosenberg, relaxation methods, Stein–Rosenberg theorem, numerical linear algebra, biography, nuclear physics

AMS subject classifications

01A60, 01A70, 65F10, 81V35, 82C40

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