Volume 59, pp. 9-23, 2023.

On the numerical solution of Volterra integral equations on equispaced nodes

Luisa Fermo, Domenico Mezzanotte, and Donatella Occorsio


In the present paper, a Nyström-type method for second kind Volterra integral equations is introduced and studied. The method makes use of generalized Bernstein polynomials, defined for continuous functions and based on equally spaced points. Stability and convergence are studied in the space of continuous functions. Numerical tests illustrate the performance of the proposed approach.

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Key words

Volterra integral equations, Nyström method, generalized Bernstein polynomials

AMS subject classifications

41A10, 65R20, 65D32

Links to the cited ETNA articles

[15]Vol. 54 (2021), pp. 333-354 Luisa Fermo and Cornelis van der Mee: Volterra integral equations with highly oscillatory kernels: a new numerical method with applications

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